Giulio Terzi: Israel’s response to Hamas is not a mere “cyber attack”

On Sunday 5 May, the United States made a serious decision to send aircraft carrier Lincoln and a team of air force bombers to the Middle East. This US naval deployment, with high attack capabilities, is meant to send a clear and clear warning to the Iranian theocratic regime, and follows the inclusion of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) in the list of terrorist organizations, which is what the latter are. The response by Hamas, with the launching of rockets from Gaza to Israel, carried out amid courageous protests of Palestinian citizens fed up with the abuses suffered on a daily basis at the hands of Hamas leaders, shows the pressure the Iranian regime is under.

Following the Israeli military response, the IDF announced the killing, among others, of Hamas commander Hammed al-Ghudari, 34, shot in a targeted raid against him. Israeli army spokesman Ronen Manelis said al-Ghudari was “responsible for transferring money from Iran to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip”. In fact, the terrorist attacks against Israel from Gaza have resulted in the launching of over 600 missiles targeted at the civilian population, causing at least four Israeli casualties. Thus, it seems difficult to see this as a simple “cyber attack”, as some observers have described the cause of Israel’s military reaction.

Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata

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