Marou Amadou was born on 1 Janurary 1972 in Kotaki, Niger. He graduted in Law in 2000 at the National University of Benin and he earned a Masters degree in private law in 2001 at the University Abdou Moumouni of Niamey, Niger.In 2000, he established and became President of the Committee for the independent reflection and orientation for the protection of democratic acquis. Later on he became Secretary General of the Coalition of organizations for the protection of human rights and democracy. In 2005 he founded the “Coalition Equity/Quality” against rising costs in Niger and in 2006 he became President of the Niger chapter of the Coalition “Publish What You Pay”.

Because of his activity as human rights defender Amadou was arrested and incarcerated for several months three times: in 2002, 2005 and 2009. Following the coup of February 2010, he was appointed Chairman of the Provisional National Council for his neutral position. He became Minister of Justice under President Moustapha Issoufou in 2010 and he was re-appointed for a second term in 2015.marou-marco-300x200

His engagement in favour of human rights, democracy and the rule of law is also reflected by his opposition to the death penalty and his active support for a universal moratrium against capital punishment. In 2010 Amadou was awarded the highest French order for civil merits, notably the Legion of Honour, whilst in 2011 he received the National Order of Merit of Niger.

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