Matteo AngioliMatteo Angioli was born on 18 October 1979 in Pistoia, Italy. In 1998 he graduated from high school in Florence with a linguistic degree. In 2001 and 2002 Matteo spent six months in Wellington, New Zealand, to study English. Upon his return to Europe he graduated in political sciences at the Open University (2008). In 2011 he obtained a Masters degree at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) with a final dissertation entitled: “The Radical Party, an atypical party”. He started to participate in the activities of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational Transparty (NRPTT) in 1995 when the Radicals collecte signatures to call 20 national referendums. He first met Marco Pannella in 1994 in Rome and they became very close friends in the following years. Their friendship was destined to last until the day Marco Pannella passed away in Rome.

riunioneFrom 2002 to 2009, Matteo was parliamentary assistant to Marco Pannella at the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg. He took part in several campaigns and initiatives conducted at the institutional level, not only within the European Union, including: “Free Iraq: only alternative to the war”, which aimed at averting the war in Iraq in 2003 through the exile of Saddam Hussein; the UN moratorium on the death penalty; the ongoing campaign to reform the judiciary system in Italy. From 2009 to 2013 Matteo worked with former Vice President of the Italian Senate, Emma Bonino. He was member of the General Council of the NRPTT from December 2011 until September 2016, when he became member of the Presidency of the NRPTT. He also had a collaboration with No Peace Without Justice from October 2013 until October 2016.

Matteo published with Reality Book a volume entitled “SOS Stato di Diritto” and co-authored with Marco Pannella “Una libertà felice” published by Mondadori. In March 2016 he set up with Marco Pannella and Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata the Global Committee for the Rule of Law with a view to pushing forward the campaign for the right to know started by Marco Pannella back in 2003 to avoid the conflict in Iraq by affirming the right to know as an indispensable tenet of the Rule of Law.