Najima Thay Thay Rhozali

Najima Thay Thay Rhozali was born in 1960 in Oujda, Morocco. She is a member of the National Rally of Independents Party. She was Secretary of State to the Ministry of Nationl Education and Youth in charge of Literacy and Informal Education. Mrs Rhozali is a professor of linguistics at the University of Agadir specializing in oral tradition. She authored books on traditional folk stories and legends.

najima-marcoShe graduated in 1991 at La Sorbonne, Paris, where she earned a PhD in ethnosemiotics. In 2002, she was appointed Secretary of State for the eradication of illiteracy. She is visiting professor in many universities across Europe and the Arab world. Since 2005 she teaches cultural marketing at the University of Kénitra.

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