Conference on the rule of law and the right to know

Conference on the rule of law and the right to know

On December 21, a conference was held in Rome at the headquarters of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational Transparty (PRNTT) on the initiative for the transition to the rule of law through and the affirmation of the right to know. After the introductory remarks by Laura Harth NRPTT Representative at the United Nations, in which she focused on the Chinese influence on the universality of human rights, President of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law Amb. Giulio Terzi took the floor. He was followed by Senator Roberto Rampi and Matteo Angioli, Secretary of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law.

Panelists highlighted the challenges posed by an aggressive Chinese diplomacy aimed at promoting a universal human rights with “Chinese characteristics” and the issue of cyber security intertwined with technology and the use of social networks were dealt with by Amb. Third. Senator Rampi and Mr Angioli went about the fundamental centrality of democratic institutions and the necessity of an informed debate as an instrument to overcome ever more imposing and threatening crises and dangers. In this respect, Sen. Rampi illustrated the new low in terms of illegality hit by Italian Parliament as far as the text of the document containing the proposed budget law for the Italian State is concerned. In fact as he was speaking, the Government had not yet sent to the Senators any draft proposals.

Faced with growing political and institutional degradation affecting citizens by means of an anti-democratic information and as members of parliament see their constitutionally recognized rights denied, the campaign for the right to know assumes an increasingly evident value.

Matteo Angioli

Watch the conference on the website of Radio Radicale (in Italian)

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