A letter from Ivan Simonovis to the White House

A letter from Ivan Simonovis to the White House

Ivan Simonovis, who served for years as police chief and law enforcement agencies official in Venezuela, has been political prisoner for more than 14 years, as he was accused by the Chavez regime and corrupted jurisdictional system (basically, the Supreme Court of Justice chaired by Maikel Moreno) not to be “loyal” to the bolivarian “revolution”.

Now he serves as special Security and Intelligence Advisor to the interim President Guaidò, and from his escape to the US in the last May, he has been playing a crucial role in providing the US official very relevant informations about the criminal and transnational connections between the Maduro regime and many state and non-state actors in and outside Venezuela.

Together with the Guaidò presidential team, he was present at the White House on Wednesday 5th February and personally delivered a letter to the US presidential staff. Hereunder, the text of the letter which, we may think, is quite more than just a “letter” to the US government.

Andrea Merlo

I’m free thanks to God, the support of my Family, my friend Leopoldo Lopez and the USA Government. I am an example of the blatant oppression of the Venezuelan regime. I was sentenced to 30 years in prison for doing my job, saving lives. I spent fifteen years in prison. For the first nine years I could only see the sun for thirty-three days.

I am not here to talk about myself. I’m here to talk about my country. There are more than 6,000 political prisoners or political citizens who are persecuted. Between twenty and fourteen and nineteen, the regime killed almost three hundred citizens during civic protests and other peaceful demonstrations. 4.5 million people leave for one reason, to survive. This evil regime has no limit.

After working for 25 years with the criminal investigations of police and other law enforcement agencies, it is my responsibility to let you know that 1,200 kilometers from the state of Florida, the largest concentration of harmful elements is found. The largest representation of organized crime, which after destroying Venezuela, has now begun the process of infecting the Latin American region. If we do nothing, this process will continue to spread throughout the world.

In Venezuela, there are two Soleinami, Diosdado Cabello, a frustrated member of the armed forces who created an intricate and corrupt military structure to kill anyone who opposes the regime. The other person is Tareck El Aissami. A Syrian-Venezuelan citizen with deep ties to Hezbollah, who guarantees that the money that finances all criminal activists related to this mafia continues to flow. I can safely guarantee that Venezuela is today the largest money-laundering company in the world.

In Venezuela, the socialist tumor grew more than two decades ago, destroying the entire economic structure and moral fabric of its society. There is some irreversible damage, but there is still time to save lives. For this reason, I suggested to President Guido that we should move from a defensive role and start playing offense. The country can’t take this anymore.

The United States has led many successful campaigns in the past that have reduced the footprint of oppressive regimes. We have no way to thank you and this administration for all the support you have given during these dark times. But now we are calling for speeding up the process and cutting the oxygen line, to finally end Maduro’s time. To save Venezuela is to save the world.

Ivan Simonovis
National security advisor to interim President Juan Guaidò

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