Congratulations to the new President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani

The Nonviolent Radical Party, the Global Committee for the Rule of Law – Marco Pannella and the association Hands Off Cain congratulate Antonio Tajani on becoming President of the European Parliament. We welcome the result of this election as President Tajani has shown concrete attention for the initiatives undertaken, in particular, in favor of a universal Moratorium on the death penalty and the for the promotion of the rule of law through affirmation of the right to know.

It was thanks to the active participation of Mr. Tajani, at the time Vice President of the European Commission, that in February 2014 we could hold an international conference, very much wanted by Marco Pannella, entitled “Reason of State against Rule of Law.” With that event, which took place at the European Parliament and the European Commission, we set out a reflection on the right to know leading us to put forward the proposal that is emerging today in all its urgency and necessity.

We welcome the election of Antonio Tajani also in memory of the ties of friendship and esteem that bound the new President to Marco Pannella who, even in his final days encouraged Antonio Tajani to keep up his commitment on these issues.

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