“All different, all equal” Conference in Turin 21 November 2016

“All different, all equal” Conference in Turin 21 November 2016

LGBT Situation in contemporary societies:

from the rights of somebody to the rights of everyone

Monday November 21st 2016, h. 14:45 Sala Viglione

A round table to enhance thinking about the transational situation of lgbt communities, concerning both personal securities for LGBT people in the act of free and informed choice about their sexual orientation and the legal protection they are offered, that should guarantee their universal rights, to this day sometimes still forbidden.


Mauro Laus President of the Regional Council of Piemonte – The rule of politics and institutions in the defence of LGBT rights.

Giulio Maria Terzi di Sant’Agata Ambassador and former Foreign Minister of Italy, President of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law – The defence of LGBT rights in the broader spectrum of defending human rights and international relationships

Boris Dittrich Director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights program of Human Rights Watch – The situation of LGBT rights in the world.

Angelo Caltagirone President of EDGE – Excellence & Diversity by GLBT Executives – The correlation between the respect of LGBT rights and the good development of modern societies.

Alberto Barbera Director of the Venice Film Festival – Cinema as a way to sensibilize and facilitate social dialogue for the upholding of LGBT rights.

Fabrizio Petri Ambassador and President of the Interministerial Committee for Human Rights

Sergio Rovasio Transnational Radical Party – LGBT rights, from private rights to civil effort for the public interest.

Alessandro Battaglia Regional Committee for Human Rights


Fabio Canino Rai presenter


h 14:45 -> 15:00 entrance and check-in
h 15:00 -> 15:05 start of seminary (*)
h 15:05 -> 15:15 Institutional Salutes
h 15:15 -> 15:30 projection of the shortcut “Angels on death row” about LGBT situation in Iran, directed by Alessandro Golinelli and Rocco Bernini
h 15:30 -> 17:30 preordinated panelist remarks, and a presentation of the Human Right Watch
h 17:30 -> 18:00 discussion between panelists
h 18:00 -> 18:15 questions from the public (**)
h 18:15 -> 18:30 conclusions and end of event

(*) The event opens with the projection of a brief video of about 2 minutes with an extract of a speech by Radical Party leader Marco Pannella, who has recently passed away, about LGBT rights

(**) All questions will be gathered on modules in the room and selected by the moderator.

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