Event: Political prisoners in Hong Hong, China, Venezuela, Iran and Cambodia

Event: Political prisoners in Hong Hong, China, Venezuela, Iran and Cambodia


Monday November 23 – Senate of the Italian Republic

With Nathan Law, Jianli Yang, Lorent Saleh,
Theresly Malavé, Mona Silawi, Mu Sochua, Jared Genser

On November 23rd, exactly three months will have passed since the Chinese coast guard intercepted twelve young activists at sea bound for Taiwan to seek political refuge. They have since been in incommunicado detention in Shenzhen in mainland China, without access to lawyers of their choice or contact with family members.

Upon initiative of the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational Transparty, and Senator Lucio Malan, and with the support of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella” (GCRL) and the Italian Federation of Human Rights (FIDU), a conference will be held precisely on that date to shed a much needed light on the increase of political persecution as an instrument of censorship and elimination of democratic opposition within authoritarian countries.

To this end, the conference will host the direct testimonies of people who not only have directly suffered this fate, but who continue to work tirelessly for freedom and democracy around the world.

With the participation of: Nathan Law (Activist, Hong Kong), Jianli Yang (Activist, China), Lorent Saleh (Activist, Venezuela), Mona Silawi (Activist, Iran), Mu Sochua (Opposition leader, Cambodia), Theresly Malavé (Human Rights Lawyer, Justicia y Processo, Venezuela), Jared Genser (Human Rights Lawyer, Perseus Strategies LLC, USA), Sen. Lucio Malan (Forza Italia), Sen. Roberto Rampi (Partito Democratico), On. Paolo Formentini (Lega), Amb. Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata (GCRL), Maurizio Turco (Partito Radicale), Rita Bernardini (Partito Radicale), Eleonora Mongelli (FIDU), Matteo Angioli (GCRL), Andrea Merlo (GCRL), Laura Harth (Partito Radicale).

The conference will take place on Monday 23 November, from 11.30 to 13.00, in Italian and English.

It will be possible to follow the event exclusively online in connection from the Sala Capitolare del Palazzo della Minerva of the Italian Senate. The conference will be broadcasted live on the WebTV Channel of the Senate of the Republic.

The opinions and contents expressed in the context of the initiative are the sole responsibility of the proponents and speakers and are not attributable in any way to the Senate of the Republic or to organs of the Senate itself.

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