Gattolin and Rainsy: rule of law in Cambodia!

Gattolin and Rainsy: rule of law in Cambodia!

Earlier today in Paris, Senator André Gattolin and Sam Rainsy, historic Cambodian opposition leader and former president of the Cambodia National Rescue Party, met to discuss the very difficult political situation in Cambodia three months ahead of local elections.

Gattolin and Rainsy, both Honorary Members of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law Marco Pannella, re-asserted their commitment in support of a transition to democracy and the rule of law in Cambodia.

As President Hollande is about to embark on a visit to Indonesia, they believe it is necessary to urge, for the sake of credibility of the international community, Prime Minister Hun Sen to respect international treaties, in particular the Paris Peace Agreements of 1991, which were signed under the co-presidency of France and Indonesia at the end of the Cambodian-Vietnamese war.

As recalled by the OHCHR the 20th anniversary of the signature, 23 October 2011, “the Agreements not only laid out the process for ending the conflict, but for the building of a just and democratic Cambodia, anchored in human rights and the rule of law.”

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