ISGAP: Merton College High Level Webinar on Understanding and Combating Antisemitism

ISGAP: Merton College High Level Webinar on Understanding and Combating Antisemitism

On 30th March 2020, our President Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata will participate in a web seminar organized by the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism (ISGAP) at the Oxford Merton College on combating antisemitism. The meeting is a High Level Workshop For Government Civil Servants And Policy Experts On Understanding And Combating Antisemitism: Strategies And Best Practices.


Dr. Charles Asher Small
Executive Director, ISGAP
“Mapping Different Forms of Antisemitism(s) in Europe: Understanding the Gap Between Legislation, Policy and Implementation.”


Natan Sharansky
Chair, ISGAP
“Contemporary Antisemitism on the Left and Right”


Katharina von Schnurbein
European Commission Coordinator on Combating Antisemitism and Fostering Jewish Life
“Combating Antisemitism in the European Union”

Michael Whine
Director of Government and International Affairs, Community Security Trust (CST)
“Applying European Legislation against Antisemitism”

Bob Rae
Former Premier of Ontario, Canadian Special Envoy for Humanitarian and Refugee Issues
“Antisemitism: A Chronic Condition”

Tome Shekerdjiev
Deputy Head, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department, OSCE ODIHR
“The Need for a Comprehensive Approach in Addressing Antisemitism through Education”

Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata
Ambassador, Former Foreign Minister of Italy (2011-2013)
“New Antisemitism in Italy, Efforts to Fight it: the Way Forward”

Dr. Dina Lisnyansky
Tel Aviv University, Department of Middle Eastern Studies
“Aspects of Muslim Antisemitism in Europe”

Elan Carr
U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism
“Education as a Key Component in the Fight Against Antisemitism”

Sacha Roytman-Dratwa
Director, Combat Anti-Semitism Benjamin Weinthal Research Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

More information on the ISGAP High Level Webinar

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