July 2020

July 2020

PHOTO OF THE MONTH – Rome, 9 July 2020: Giulio Terzi and Andrea Merlo meet Isadora Zubillaga, Vice Foreign Minister of Juan Guaidò’s interim government, and Mariela Magallanes, official representative of the Venezuelan Assembly to Italy.

Dear friend,

I would like to start the newsletter of the month of July with this article by Sam Rainsy, Honorary Member of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella” and ad interim President of the Cambodia National Rescue Party. Rainsy draws attention to the involvement of two European banks – the French credit institution BRED and the Dutch Triodos Bank – in the scandal of microcredit in Cambodia.

Concerning the ongoing tragic abuses committed by Chinese authorities against the Uighurs in Xinjiang, the Ambassador of China in the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming, was boldly interviewed by Andrew Marr, a well-known BBC journalist, about the content of a video in relation to which the Chinese diplomat was asked to clarify what is happening in the that region. We also praise British comedian John Oliver for having talked about the Uighurs during his show “Last Week Tonight” on 26 July.

In addition, Foreign Policy magazine published a paper where Rayhan Asat and Yonah Diamond gave an incredible overview on the legal background and the scale of the atrocities committed by the Chinese government against the Muslim minority. Regarding this issue, our Honorary Member André Gattolin has joined IPAC, as co-chair from France, and he was interviewed by Libération on 20 July.

Lastly, as the US presidential election scheduled for next November are approaching, we wish to highlight a document by the Biden-Sanders joint task force on the need to implement a wide criminal justice reform in the United States (see pages 7-10 and 56-62).

Until next month!

Federica Donati

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