Laura Harth’s testimony to Parliament on the pandemic

“In the resolution adopted last May by the World Health Assembly (WHO) on the response to the pandemic, member States pledged to fight what has been defined as an ‘infomedia’. The UN Secretary General and agencies – including WHO itself – have launched various appeals to States to fight it. I believe in the importance and role of multilateral organizations especially in this period in which the problems we face are increasingly transnational. Certainly there are more and more voices talking about a reform of the WHO and other UN agencies. However, we cannot always blame intergovernmental organizations.”

This was a statement by Laura Harth, member of the Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella”, in a hearing organized by the joint Foreign and Social Affairs Committees of the Chamber of Deputies on the parliamentary proposal to set up a commission of inquiry into the causes of the outbreak of the pandemic of Sars-CoV-2 and on the congruity of the measures adopted by the States and the WHO to avoid its spread in the world. “In order to start a reform”, added Laura Harth, “first of all, it is necessary to ascertain the facts and then evaluate the proposals”.

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