Message to the Uyghur March for Freedom

Message to the Uyghur March for Freedom

Message on behalf of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational Transparty and the Global Committee for the Rule of Law in support of the Uyghur March for Freedom on March 27th in Brussels, Belgium, organized by the World Uyghur Congress and the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization.

The EU’s human rights and democracy policy encompasses civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. The EU is adamant about protecting the universal nature of human rights when this is questioned on grounds of cultural or political differences. The EU furthermore believes that democracy is the only political system which can fully realize all human rights.

The European Union is founded on a strong engagement to promote and protect human rights, democracy and rule of law worldwide. Sustainable peace and stability, long-term development and prosperity cannot exist without respect for human rights and democratic institutions. This commitment underpins all internal and external policies of the European Union.

Article 21 of the Lisbon Treaty stipulates that the Union’s action on the international scene shall be guided by the principles which have inspired its own creation, development and enlargement and which it seeks to advance in the wider world: democracy, the rule of law, the universality and indivisibility of human rights and fundamental freedoms, respect for human dignity, the principles of equality and solidarity and respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter and international law.

Conscious that the respect for human rights and democracy cannot be taken for granted, the EU strongly believes in empowering individuals and organisations promoting freedom, democracy and human rights throughout the world.”

These are the literal words from the EEAS mission statement on human rights and democracy. With today’s march and appeal, we demand that these words are put in action NOW! To stop the horrific violations of millions of people inside the People’s Republic of China! To stop the repetition of cultural and political genocide of a people! To stand up for the rightful claims of individuals and organisations that ask for the respect of their universal rights and democracy within China, be it Uyghurs, Tibetans, Southern Mongolians or Han Chinese.

As citizens from the free world, we cannot and must not accept to be collaborators of authoritarian regimes in exchange for the short-term economical gain of the few! We have a right to know what is happening in China! We have a right to know how our Governments deal with China! Our representatives in Parliament and Government or EU Institutions have the DUTY to carry out relationships with China and any other country in the world with respect of the principles it was founded on.


Please, sign the petition to the Council of the European Union: “EU Must Demand that China Release 1 Million Uyghurs Detained in ‘Re-education’ Camps

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