Napoli Buenos Aires round trip

Napoli Buenos Aires round trip

Fatima Scialdone is an Italian singer and actress who has long been engaged in an admirable and important cultural activity focused on human rights in relation to the terrible events that shook Argentina under the military dictatorship. For years she has linked her activity and sense of memory to the commemoration of the Holocaust by organizing events with the support of the Jewish Community, which I had the honor to participate in under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic and the Government of Italy.

I know Fatima since many yers and having collaborated with her on different occasions I can assure that she is an authoritative and truly unique performer on the scene. Her passion for Tango as a vital element of the Italian presence in South America brings a special energy to her works. Fatima and her work recall the context of many initiatives, like the ones by the Madres de la Plaza de Majo.

Therefore, I am very glad to invite you to attend her show of July 26 in Rome at Teatro Marconi from 930 pm.

Giulio Terzi

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