Roundtable: Recalibrating Multilateralism – Countering the Threat within

Roundtable: Recalibrating Multilateralism – Countering the Threat within

Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella”

in cooperation with

Taipei Representative Office in Italy

Roundtable Conference

Recalibrating MultilateralISM

Countering the Threat within

Thursday, February 25, 2PM – 4PM CET

Live on Radio Radicale

Xi Jinping’s latest speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos once again highlighted the CCP’s ambition to increasingly shape the global order. Yet, following the global pandemic, plenty talk of strengthening multilateralism and win-win diplomacy can no longer hide the profound crisis the intergovernmental multilateral order is facing in countering the authoritarian threat from within.

Proposals for a Summit for Democracy or D-10 have been made, reinforcing the need for profound analysis and conceptual creativeness to move forward in an effort to preserve the values and principles the multilateral order was based on.

Departing from the case of Covid-19, which served as a global wake-up call, the round table discussion will be an opportunity to tackle these issues head-on, with contributions from personalities at the forefront of such endeavors.

Opening Statement

Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Ambassador, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, President Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella”

Introduction: “Facing the CCP: COVID_19 – Lessons from Taiwan”
  • Dr. Chung-Ching Chio, Superintendent Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan
  • Dr. Han-Siong Toh, Attending physician, Intensive Care Medicine, Chi Mei Hospital, Taiwan
Panel Discussion: “Facing the CCP – what instruments for recalibrating the multilateral order? A Global democracies’ perspective”
  • Reinhard Buetikofer MEP, Chair European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the PRC, IPAC Co-Chair EP, EU/Germany
  • Dr. I-Chung Lai, President Prospect Foundation, Taiwan
  • Nathan Law, democracy activist and former Legislator, Hong Kong
  • Lucio Malan, Senator, President Parliamentary Friendship Group Italy-Taiwan, IPAC Co-Chair, Italy
  • Jonas Parello-Plesner, Executive Director Alliance of Democracies Foundation
  • Luke de Pulford, Director Arise Foundation, IPAC, United Kingdom
Panel debate – interaction with Members of Parliament / media

Andrea Sing-Ying Lee, Ambassador, Taipei Representative Office in Italy

Moderator: Laura Harth, Global Committee for the Rule of Law “Marco Pannella”

Working language: English

Live Streaming on Radio Radicale

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