Urgent warning to the Italian government to renew Radio Radicale convention

Urgent warning to the Italian government to renew Radio Radicale convention

On April 23, the Italian Communications Agency (AGCom) issued an urgent warning to the government in respect of the imminent risk of closure run by Radio Radicale, asking to renew the convention with the radio station “at least until new criteria for allocation have been identified”. In a statement, AGCom wrote: “Failing to renew the convention would mean the interruption of a service provided in the public interest whose indispensability is out of question”.

AGCom has taken a clear stance on the role played by Radio Radicale, adding that calling a tender in order to grant this service might be a way out.

Failing to renew the convention with Radio Radicale which expires next May 21 would cause the disruption of a public service and it would present a basis for legal actions which are related to art. 21 of the Constitution, as recently underlined by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. Such a service cannot be interrupted without any prior reform of the system, so as to avoid a tremendous waste of experience and archived material.

I am also grateful to AGCom for having the reminded the unicity of the service provided by Radio Radicale, which is distinct from the one performed by Rai. I do hope on the government will seriously think it over and will reconsider the decision to shut down Radio Radicale. In the meantime, our nonviolent mobilization will continue.

Marco Beltrandi
Former MP, member of the Presidency of the Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational Transparty

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